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We offer a complete range of blinds for residential and commercial applications.

Products we offer:

  • Aluminium Venetian Blinds 

            Aluminium venetians are the perfect blind for creating a modern and uncluttered effect in your home. Ideal for creating a sleek, modern look,               the versatility of venetians makes them a popular choice. Simple-to-use controls make them ideal for filtering or greatly reducing external                light.

              Three different slat sizes are available, ranging from the traditional 50mm slats to the midsized 35mm and slim-line 25mm. Both 25mm and               35mm slats are decorative and functional allowing for the perfect control of sunlight.
              Our 50mm aluminium blinds are reminiscent of the original venetian blinds, a timeless look that never goes out of style. Venetian blinds are               perfect for creating the clean, uncluttered look desired in so many contemporary interiors.

  • Wood Blinds             

            Wood venetian blinds are designed for a contemporary or modern look, from elegant to executive. They bring the warmth and beauty of natural                timber to your windows and are both cosy and inviting. Each timber blind is made to measure using only the finest quality wood slats, either 50mm                or 35mm, with a colour coordinated head rail and valance. The reliable, heavy-duty head rail system allows for smooth operation and secure locking.                This enables the venetian blind to be tilted, raised and lowered hassle free. A mitred valance is available for those blinds fitted outside the recess,                where the return is designed to conceal the ends of the head rail. This ensures that the blind is perfectly finished down to the very last detail.

  • Safety Shutters
  • Roller Blinds

             The simple and inexpensive way to add style and colour to a window. Our fabric roller materials are a popular choice to compliment many décor                styles and are an economical and practical way to manage heat and light with a window covering. For total privacy choose from our  extensive range                of block-out fabrics or, to add light to a room, select from our range of light-diffusing fabrics. Available with a reliable chain control system, a classic                roller blind is sometimes all your window will need. Chain operated roller blinds are easy to operate, with the control  chain located at the side of the                blind within easy reach. There is a choice of colour for the control chain to ensure it co-ordinates with the blind for a completely harmonious effect.                Metal chain is also available for a metallic look or the more high-tech furnishing schemes. Roller blinds are simple, effective, and economical.

  •             Sunscreen

            Sunscreen offers a superb combination of sun protection with daytime privacy, allowing you to enjoy the outside view while                filtering the sun’s rays. Due to their open and uniform weave, Sunscreen provides good outward visibility. The fabric is also very                efficient at filtering visible light and UV rays, thus increasing interior comfort and reducing glare and reflections on televisions                or computer screens. Excellent protection is also provided against the fading of furniture and flooring. Using a mesh type weave,                     Sunscreen filters the sun’s heat which in turn saves energy, reduces air conditioning costs, and improves interior comfort by                maintaining lower temperatures.

  •           Translucent            

            Translucent fabrics filter soft light into a room while providing privacy from the outside. Fabrics are available in a wide variety of                colours and fabric types to suit your individual needs. These fabrics also provide good light and UV protection, thus increasing                interior comfort and reducing glare. They also provide excellent protection against fading of furniture and floor coverings.

  •            Blockout Fabrics 

         Blockout fabrics are designed to prevent as much light as possible from entering a room, making them the ultimate solution for                 privacy and light control. The wide range of fabrics provides an ideal solution for most light control requirements such as in                 bedrooms and television rooms where maximum darkness is a prerequisite. Blockout fabrics provides the maximum efficiency                 for blocking visible light and UV rays, thus increasing interior comfort and eliminating glare and reflections on television                 screens and computer monitors. During the day blockout fabrics also repel much of the sun’s heat thereby lowering interior                 temperatures.

  • Vertical Blinds

           The most popular choice for sliding doors and large windows, vertical blinds are well suited for both casual and formal décor, creating stunning                     effects whilst maintaining privacy. Vertical window blinds are fairly inexpensive, practical, and provide superior light control.

                    The finely engineered track allows you to regulate just the right amount of light through its uniformly spaced carriers and will give you many                     years of trouble free operation. Low maintenance and easy operation make vertical blinds a popular treatment for almost any window. The fabric                     vanes can be tilted or stacked to the right, left or centre to set the light and mood just as you want it. Many of the fabrics are also available as roller                     blinds.

  • PVC Venetian Blinds
  • Exterior Blinds